Travelers may want to consider filling their wallets with cash before taking flights out of Sacramento International Airport during the month of May. The airport is temporarily shutting down ATMs for the month. While this may be an inconvenience for some travelers, the absence of ATMs at Sacramento's airport won't be permanent.

Why are ATMs at Sacramento International Airport being shut off temporarily? It's all part of an upgrade. The airport is actually in the process of switching from using Chase as a vendor to using Bank of America. The process of setting up new machines to dispense cash and ensuring that all networks are connected properly takes time and accuracy. The airport is apologizing for any inconveniences travelers using the airport may experience as a result of the swap.

The best way to avoid being inconvenienced by the shutdown of ATMs at Sacramento International Airport is to stop at an ATM or bank ahead of time or simply bring a credit card to rely on. What if passengers realize they need to take cash out of their accounts once they arrive at the airport? Unfortunately, ATMs in both of the airport's terminals and its center for rental cars will be offline during the transition. The closest ATM that travelers can use is located inside the AM-PM Arco gas station at 6100 Airport Boulevard. That gas station is located between the airport and Interstate 5.

Officials at Sacramento International Airport have not yet provided a date for when ATMs inside the airport will be fully functional again. However, the expectation is that everything will be back to normal by early June.

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