The Austin-Bergstrom International Airport is almost done with its $350 million revitalization project. The airport has renovated its entire interior and has brought in new dining and shopping experiences as well as entertainment venues.

Now, before the final relaunch takes place in the fall, the airport is considering letting non-passengers into the terminal areas so that they can enjoy the new changes to the airport. A rep for the airport has stated that the airport will, of course, place passenger safety first, but it believes this may be an opportunity for the community to benefit directly from the improvements made to the airport.

Several iconic dining spots and retailers are now located in the airport and not available anywhere else in Austin. The rep for the airport also stated that there would be a weekly concert held at the airport, and it would be a shame if local area residents couldn't enjoy the performances.

Austin-Bergstrom is not the first airport to consider letting non-ticketed visitors into the terminal areas. Pittsburgh and Tampa have already begun to allow non-passengers into the terminal areas under scheduled visits. Tampa, for instance, is only allowing non-passengers to visit the terminal area on certain Saturdays and only if they make a reservation prior to visiting the airport.

Plans have not been approved to allow visitors to the Austin terminals. We also have no idea under what conditions can these visits take place if and when they should become a reality. It is assumed that the airport will require non-passengers to still go through security checkpoints just like other flying passengers just to be on the safe side.

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