Azul Airlines, Brazil's largest airline, is the first Brazilian carrier to get approved for the TSA PreCheck program. This is a great benefit to offer passengers, and Azul couldn't be more pleased to offer this service.

The TSA PreCheck program is available in over 200 different airports in the United States. It allows pre-approved, low-risk passengers to pass through a special security lane that does not have the same restrictions as the regular security lanes. As an added benefit, most passengers do not wait for more than five minutes to get through security when they use TSA PreCheck.

This announcement comes just as Azul announced it will soon offer a new flight between Florida and Brazil. The new route will connect Ft. Lauderdale and Belo Horizonte, Brazil. The flight will take place three times weekly and the airline will use the Airbus A330 to operate the route. The airline has not stated if it will increase the flight frequency if demand proves to be exceedingly high.

This newest route highlights Azul's commitment to expanding into the U.S. This flight will mark Azul's second route from Florida to this city; the carrier also offers flights from Orlando. The airline has also stated that the timing of the flights will coincide with connecting flights out of the airport with its codeshare partners. Azul has partnerships with both JetBlue and United.

The new flights and the ability to use TSA PreCheck should encourage more passengers to use Azul. These are the types of benefits that passengers look for when scheduling long flights in and out of the United States.

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