Are you on the hunt for a rewards credit card that lets you earn valuable rewards points without the need to be loyal to a particular airline brand or hotel chain? If you have just nodded your head unknowingly or knowingly, congratulations - there are some amazing rewards credit cards on the market that pride themselves on letting cardholders earn transferable points.

Rewards credit cards that let cardholders earn transferable points are perfect for the point hunters who despise being chained to a specific brand for years on end in order to chalk up the amount of rewards points or miles required to redeem for an epic vacation on the dime of their credit card rewards.

Having an incredible amount of flexibility when it comes to what you can do with your credit card rewards is awesome in and of itself.

An indirect benefit that many may not even give some deserving thought to is that you can choose to maximize the value of your rewards accordingly as you do your homework on how to best spend your hard-earned credit card rewards. It is a well known fact that airlines and hotel chains have the liberty to make sudden changes to their award charts. For the most part, the changes are not to the advantage of you and I.

The major transferable credit card points programs that you need to know about include Chase Ulitmate Rewards; American Express Membership Rewards; Capital One Rewards; and Citi ThankYou Rewards.

Of course, each program is unique and different, so you are highly encouraged to do your own research on what each one has to offer and narrow down the one that aligns best with what you are looking for. Besides letting you transfer your points to your choice of travel loyalty program that the program's partnered with, you can usually use your points to redeem for things like gift cards and merchandise, too.

Below are our picks on the best credit cards that offer transferable points. Some are more rewarding than others but they come with annual fees. If you aren't a big spender to begin with, perhaps you can consider the no annual fee cards instead. Also, take note that these cards are only available to you if you have excellent or at least good credit!

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