The countdown to the holiday travel season is on! We're officially within 100 days of Thanksgiving. What do you need to know about snagging the best holiday travel deals this year? Skyscanner is spilling the details about the best times to book Thanksgiving airfare.

Thoughts of turkey, cranberry sauce and stuffing may be far from your mind as you savor the last days of summer. However, it's never too early to begin planning. Skyscanner used data from more than 90 million users to determine when the best Thanksgiving deals can be found. One surprising finding is that last-minute bookings often help travelers save money on airfare. In fact, some of the top deals for Thanksgiving travel can be snagged during the three weeks leading up to the holiday. People who book airfare during the three-week window before Thanksgiving often save as much as 20 percent. Travelers willing to fly on Thursday generally find better deals than other Thanksgiving travelers.

Skyscanner's data shows that travelers planning to fly on the Tuesday or Wednesday before Thanksgiving can get the best deals by booking up to a month in advance. Cutting it close won't work if your goal is to get a deal. Tickets will need to be booked two weeks prior to a flight if you want to enjoy savings.

What if you plan to head to a vacation destination instead of flying to meet up with family this year? The rules are totally different for international flights. International airfare for a Thanksgiving trip should be booked months in advance if you want to get a good price. That means you should be booking your flight as soon as possible if you're planning to ditch the turkey in favor of a tropical beach or exotic skyline this year.

What can you do today to save money on your Thanksgiving airfare? This is the perfect time to set up some price alerts. You can play around with departure dates to see just how low your ticket price can go. It's possible that you'll find some great deals going on already. However, keep in mind that the week of Halloween is actually a top week for Thanksgiving airfare deals. To ramp up those savings, remember to use a good travel credit card when booking your tickets!

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