Credit card rewards points or miles can seem really daunting especially if you are new to the world of credit cards. Ask around and you are more than likely to find that some people around you have long given up on earning and redeeming rewards with the help of their credit cards. It's a shame, really, because not all rewards credit cards are created to be complicated in the way they work.

If you look hard enough, or scroll down to the list of credit cards we've rounded up for you, you will realize that there are actually quite a few rewards credit cards that are suitable for newbies. Besides being beginner-friendly thanks to the way they have been designed, the rewards credit cards we have curated for you below do not have annual fees. As bewildering as it may sound, no annual fee credit cards can be really rewarding, too.

While the perks and benefits may pale in comparison to what other flashy rewards credit cards offer, these are the credit cards that are the most straightforward to use. They weren't designed to make your life any more complicated or difficult. In fact, these rewards credit cards let you earn cash back or miles on practically every $1 you make in purchases.

Depending on your spending patterns, you'd want to pick a credit card that best fits your lifestyle. For example, a credit card may let you earn a flat rate cash back on every $1 you spend while another may let you earn cash back at different rates depending on the category you are spending on. Some even let you earn double or triple rewards, in addition to throwing in other benefits, such as 0% introductory APR for a certain number of billing cycles.

To make sure your credit card rewards really count, pay your credit card bills in full punctually every month and avoid carrying balances. Otherwise, the high interest charges and slew of fees that you could potentially be liable for can easily erode the value of all your credit card rewards. Learn how to win the rewards credit card game!

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