Is the controversial Trump travel ban about to be extended? World events have many people anticipating an expansion of the travel ban that's in place. You may remember that many people were unhappy when President Trump imposed a travel ban just days after taking office three years ago. The ban that's in place right now covers Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria, Yemen, Venezuela and North Korea. It is expected that as many as seven countries could be added to an extended ban.

Which countries might be added to President Trump's travel ban? You may recall that Iraq, Sudan and Chad were all included in the original ban from three years ago before being removed. It is possible that those three countries could be placed back on the list.

We don't have any concrete word on whether or not we'll actually see a bigger travel ban at the moment. The White House has declined to confirm that changes are actually coming. However, spokesman Hogan Gidley has responded to questions regarding an expansion by praising the way the current travel ban has helped to make the nation safer.

The current travel ban prevents immigrant and non-immigrant visas for people from countries that are on the banned list. Exceptions are made for students and people who can prove that they've established significant contacts within the United States. What's more, regular 'audits' regarding updated security benchmarks are conducted for countries that are impacted by the ban. Countries that comply could have travel restrictions lifted. However, countries that fail to comply could have even more restrictions placed on them.

It is just a matter of waiting to see if the United States will expand its travel ban to include more countries in 2020. Many people are looking at Jan. 27 as a potential date for an announcement. That is the date that marks the three-year anniversary of the original ban.

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