You may be aware of the fact that this service offers quick helicopter transfers between Manhattan and New York City's major airports. That includes JFK, LaGuardia and Newark. However, the hefty price tag has discouraged many travelers from trying out the service. The good news is that there has never been a better time to try out BLADE if you have a quick transfer in the Big Apple on your mind. Take a look at the following helpful guide that breaks down your options for getting the best deal on BLADE rides.

The BLADE Airport pass is an option that covers you for a year. It comes at a price of $295. You will save $50 on every BLADE ride you take in the next year. In addition, you get access to travel between three BLADE Manhattan lounges and JFK, LaGuardia or Newark. This membership option also makes it possible to bring along a companion for less. You'll get $25 off the ticket price for a companion as long as you're also going along for the trip. BLADE provides customer service around the clock.

The other option you have is the BLADE Airport Pass PLUS. This membership tier is going to cost you $795 per year. Signing up for this tier means getting $100 off the price of every airport flight you take within the next year. That adds up to flights from New York's main airports that cost just $95. You'd have a hard time paying much less than that for a typical car service in the city. The BLADE Airport Pass PLUS option also gives you $50 off when you book a companion flight. Customer service is available around the clock. This tier also comes with some special perks for corporate travelers.

On a side note, Uber is launching Uber Copter and offering helicopter service between Manhattan and JFK for just $200. However, keep in mind Uber Copter is only available to Platinum and Diamond Uber Rewards members.

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