Are your mounting grocery bills stressing you out in the cash department? Feeding a family with freshly cooked meals comes with a price tag, sometimes a hefty one if you tend to go for exquisite artisanal produce.

Don't get me wrong, preparing and cooking your own meals are a wonderful way to eat healthier while avoiding spending too much at restaurants. For starters, you have the power to decide what ingredients go into your meals, how fresh or organic your ingredients are etc.

That said, there are easy, money-saving ways to shop smarter. Cue supermarket credit cards. These are technically rewards credit cards or cash back credit cards, but they are aptly nicknamed supermarket credit cards because they let you earn rewards on your grocery purchases, in addition to other purchases you may make, such as petrol, travel, rideshare, dining, entertainment.

No credit card is created equal. While all of our top picks fortunately do not come with annual fees, the rate at which you earn rewards on your grocery purchases varies depending on the credit card you go for. Some let you enjoy a more rewarding cash back rate up to a certain amount spent while others let you earn a flat rate cash back without limit or cap.

We at have rounded them up below for your easy reference. Definitely take some time to compare the cards before deciding which one best suits your needs. They are all rewarding in their own way, with some even offering a generous sign-up bonus as you spend with your new credit card.

Additionally, to ensure all your rewards earned are really pure savings, always make it a point to pay all your credit card bills in full before their due date. You don't want those pesky fees and charges to erode the value of your rewards, do you?

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