Budget carrier Spirit Airlines has announced customers can now make flight reservations, modify their travel plans or simply ask questions through WhatsApp.

The airline has stated the use of this messaging system comes from customer demand. Spirit revealed many customers have requested access to this type of service because they feel more comfortable using it than calling in for reservations the traditional way.

Of course, making changes to your travel or booking your flight through WhatsApp will come with a fee. If passengers want to make or modify their reservations by text, they will incur a $25 fee. For anyone familiar with Spirit Airlines, this is not unusual. The airline is famous for charging for everything on an a-la-carte basis. It only makes sense that the carrier would charge for this service as well.

The airline, however, claimed that its newly introduced service is not about generating revenue. Instead, it hopes that younger travelers feel more comfortable interacting with the airline via instant text messaging through a widely used messaging platform like WhatsApp, rather than spend time calling in and waiting forever for an airline rep to take their call. Spirit further stated that meeting the needs of its clients remains its top priority, which is why it has decided to implement this system so quickly.

The next question is if the legacy airlines will follow suit. This may be an advantage for the airlines to meet the needs of the younger traveler. However, it will be interesting to see if the legacy carriers would charge for such a service. For some, paying for this service when they can simply go online and make a reservation for free would seem like a pointless service to offer.

Adam Luehrs is a contributing writer at GET.com based in California. He likes traveling to new and exciting destinations, preferably on his credit card company's dime. When not on the road, Adam enjoys hiking around the mountains of San Diego, trying out new food and reading history books. Email: adam.luehrs@get.com.