Boston's Logan International Airport (BOS) is poised for some serious growth in the years to come. A big chunk of the growth that's in store for Logan will be thanks to Delta Air Lines. Delta plans to add 60 daily flights out of Logan by the end of 2021. The new lineup will add 10,500 new passengers per day. Delta officially began referring to Logan as its hub for the first time this summer. In addition, Delta recently took over all of Terminal A at Logan.

Delta isn't the only carrier with big plans for Logan. JetBlue is also planning to add a significant number of new flights to its Boston roster. In fact, the low-cost carrier has already announced plans to add 40 new flights per day within the next few years. The new flights will add more than 5,000 daily passengers at Logan. Delta and JetBlue will cumulatively add roughly 5.7 million extra seats per year for Logan travelers.

It is expected that Logan will become one of the 10 busiest airports in the country by 2022. The current estimate is that 47 million passengers will be visiting Logan each year by 2024. Many passengers are excited about the new competition that will be arriving at Logan via Delta and JetBlue. The expectation is that travelers will benefit from more options and lower fares.

However, all of the growth that is planned does come with a hefty price tag for airport officials. Logan will be undergoing some renovations before it can accommodate new traffic. Plans are in place to widen traffic lanes around the airport. Also, 5,000 parking spots will be added. Terminal B and Terminal C will be connected as part of the upcoming construction project. There is also plan to add an additional 400,000 square feet to Terminal E.

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