British Airways has announced that it will increase frequencies on three of its more popular destinations this spring. The airline stated that flights to Miami, Seattle, and Cape Town are always in high demand during the spring period, hence British Airways is pleased to offer more flights for the convenience of its passengers.

The announcement for the additional flights from Heathrow was made after the airline announced that it would begin increasing frequencies to St. Lucia, Cancun, and Cape Town from London Gatwick next winter.

Here's a quick look at British Airways' increased services to Miami, Seattle and Cape Town:

  • Heathrow to Miami flights will be offered thrice daily between April 1 and May 31
  • Heathrow to Seattle flights will be offered thrice daily between May 1 and May 31
  • Heathrow to Cape Town flights will be offered 10 times a week between March 30 and April 19

These increases in flights have been made possible because of the extra planes that British Airways has at this time due to the coronavirus outbreak. The airline has had to cancel all its flights to mainland China and over half of its flights to Hong Kong.

Because of the nature of the coronavirus and the lack of demand for flights to East Asia, the airline is unsure when it will be able to resume a full schedule of flights to Hong Kong and to mainland China.

All airlines around the world are experiencing shifts in their flight schedules as they try to recover from the loss of many flights to China and the surrounding areas. It is unknown at this time how long these flight cancellations will last.

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