Changes could be coming to a popular airline loyalty program in 2018. British Airways has been dropping hints to its loyal customers regarding the future of its Executive Club. The changes to come will likely involve the way British Airways Executive Club members are able to redeem rewards and book award tickets. Will changes ultimately come as good news or bad news for loyal customers of British Airways? Find out what travelers can expect when flying with British Airways in 2018.

Dynamic Pricing Could Be the Future of the British Airways Executive Club

Members of the British Airways Executive Club currently earn rewards based on a standard reward chart. This means that they redeem reward flights based on the number of miles they need to travel. However, that could change very soon. Recent actions taken by the management at British Airways are suggesting that the airline has its sights set on moving toward a system that operates according to revenue-based reward tiers. This means that the cost of a reward ticket would fluctuate based on the revenue ticket cost. Executive Club members will pay a price that is more closely aligned with what British Airways is charging other customers. This is what's known as dynamic pricing.

British Airways would not be the first airline to do away with a distance-based reward system in favor of a revenue-based reward system. Delta threw its old rewards chart out the window and started fresh with a system that awarded travelers using dynamic pricing instead. United Airlines is also in the process of overhauling its reward system to focus more on pricing instead of distance. Air France-KLM will soon be updating its Flying Blue loyalty program to operate based on dynamic pricing. In addition, the direct competitor to British Airways will also be basing the way members earn points on how much they spend instead of how many miles they fly. It is likely that British Airways will also reward its members based on how much they spend rather than how many miles they travel once it makes the switch to dynamic pricing.

What Do Changes Mean for Members of the British Airways Executive Club?

The move toward dynamic pricing is often seen as a downgrade on the part of loyalty club members. It means that immunity from real-world pricing is shattered. It is likely that elite members of the British Airways Executive Club will be very disappointed if the anticipated changes do come to fruition. The switch to a dynamic pricing model would come just after British Airways received criticism from the public for shrinking legroom in Economy and doing away with free food and drinks on short-haul flights.

More Changes Coming to British Airways

Not all the changes coming to British Airways in 2018 spell bad news for travelers. The airline is going into overdrive to undo the bad press it received for recent changes to its flights. The airline has plans to roll out 72 new planes soon. Additionally, the airline will soon be offering free Wi-Fi and adding free meals to more flights.

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