Airlines are trying to figure out ways to boost passenger numbers and get people flying again. Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus, many potential travelers are staying home or opting to drive or take the train. While airlines are implementing social distancing and cleaning planes heavily between flights, these measures are not enough for everyone. British Airways may be doing something about that in the future as it considers offering pre-flight COVID-19 testing.

If the airline goes through with the plan, it would use a third-party company to conduct the tests. British Airways stressed that the tests would not be made mandatory. While British Airways doesn't have any plan set in stone yet, the airline stated that it will share more information in time to come. At this point, British Airways has not mentioned how much the test will cost.

Coronavirus testing may prove to be a vital tool in helping airlines get back to normal. Just last month, Lufthansa announced that it would offer coronavirus testing at its hubs in Munich and Frankfurt. And in late July, Munich Airport started offering coronavirus testing to arriving passengers who show a same-day boarding pass.

Emirates and Etihad now require pre-flight tests for all passengers. On top of that, many destinations require that travelers show a recent negative COVID-19 test result, otherwise a 14-day quarantine is necessary.

At this time, London's Heathrow Airport is urging the UK government to create a COVID-19 testing program for travelers to replace mandatory quarantines.

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