British Airways has just opened their brand new lounge at the Aberdeen Airport. Located in the newly reconstructed area of the airport, this lounge is the second one to be launched using British Airways new concept design. The launch of this new lounge is part of the airlines $4.5 billion investment into its customer comfort plan.

The new Aberdeen lounge is a little over 4090 square feet in size but it looks much bigger than its actual size. The design is spacious, and the large windows overlooking the runway gives the appearance of significantly more room.

The design allows travelers who need to move quickly through the lounge with easy access to food and drinks. The centerpiece bar with the granite top is the main focal point of the area. Seating is spread out and available in different forms to allow for comfort, privacy or interaction between guests.

The lounge features artwork from the British Airways collection. Free Wi-Fi is available for all lounge guests, and charge ports are located throughout the lounge to ensure that all guests can easily charge their devices while they are waiting.

This is the second lounge to take on the new design concept. The first lounge is in Rome. The feedback from the new Rome airport lounge has been very positive, and British Airways has stated that they are quickly moving on to their next lounge for redevelopment.

The next lounge on British Airways' list is located at JFK New York at Terminal 7. Once this lounge is complete, the company will redesign the lounge in San Francisco. The airline has stated that it will continue to update lounges for the next several years under the improvement plan.

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