Starting May 1, British Airways will serve beer specifically brewed for high altitudes. The airline partnered with BrewDog, a Scottish craft brewery, to create a transatlantic India Pale Ale (IPA) in order to celebrate the airline's centenary. The airline claims that its IPA was the first beer brewed at 40,000 feet.

Working with British Airways cabin crew, BrewDog founders began the process of brewing the bespoke beer aboard one of the airline's 787 Dreamliners, all while flying over northern Scotland. You can watch how they mixed water, hops and barley to kickstart the fascinating process.

Beginning in May, the airline will offer cans of the IPA named Speedbird 100, which is the airline's call sign. Cans of the beer will be available in select lounges as well as all long- and short-haul flights. The beer is brewed specifically for high altitudes to adapt to the reduction in smell and taste sensitivity that flyers experience.

BrewDog will also open its first bar in New York. It will open in New York in British Airways' Club Lounge, located in Terminal 7 at New York JFK. Travelers will be able to sip on BrewDog's signature craft beers, alongside Speedbird 100. British Airways' new Club Lounge is set to open this spring season. The new Club Lounge is part of British Airways' investment in New York JFK's Terminal 7.

Executive Club members who enjoy beer have more reason to celebrate. Also from May 1, Executive Club members will get a 10 percent discount on both food and drinks in BrewDog bars all over the United Kingdom when they present their Executive Club card, as well as a 10 percent discount on merchandise at BrewDog's website.

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