British Airways just announced its New Year resolutions for 2020. While some of the resolutions are pretty standard or unveiled previously, one that stands out is that the airline will refresh its Heathrow lounges in 2020. At the same time, British Airways will be updating its lounges at Berlin and Edinburgh.

Currently, it isn't known how extensive the refresh will be as the airline hasn't yet provided any concrete details. The plan could be to completely redesign and style the lounges, as British Airways did at Rome airport last year. Or the updates could just involve cosmetic changes. Currently, British Airways has seven lounges at London Heathrow, so it's sure to be a big project. The airline has yet to reveal when the lounges will start undergoing refurbishment.

Over the last year, British Airways has been sprucing up its existing lounges all over the world, including at New York's JFK, San Francisco, Geneva, Milan, Rome and a few others. In addition to upgrading its lounges in Heathrow, Berlin and Edinburgh, the airline will also redesign and relaunch the Elemis Spa at New York JFK.

While the upgrading of lounges is arguably the biggest New Year resolution on the carrier's end, British Airways has other goals.

The airline aims to have majority of its planes equipped with Wi-Fi by the end of 2020 - welcome news for those who want to stay connected in the skies when traveling on British Airways flights. That's not all, more planes will soon offer Club Suite, its new Business Class product! The British carrier also has plans to add new Concorde teams in Los Angeles, New York JFK, London Heathrow, Delhi and Mumbai.

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