After a long and extensive renovation, British Airways' 7,158-square foot lounge is once again open to travelers at San Francisco International Airport (SFO). The 146-seat lounge is located in Concourse A, between gates A4 and A6. As the lounge has huge floor-to-ceiling glass windows, it offers amazing views of the runway and plenty of natural light.

For those who want to unwind before a long flight, they will love the updated granite feature bar, where they can enjoy a fine selection of wines from all over the world. There are also branded spirits, beer and a variety of soft drinks to choose from. Hungry travelers will appreciate the self-service deli bar, where they can help themselves to an assortment of food and drinks.

Those traveling in First Class are in for a huge treat. There is now a boutique dining room, where guests will be able to enjoy menus inspired by top chefs around the world. Diners will enjoy a pre-flight a la carte menu that has been carefully selected by the in-house chef. Guests will get to enjoy seasonal soups, local artisanal cheeses and charcuterie and more. They will also have their choice of entrees.

Guests who want to charge their devices are in luck. The majority of seats have access to power plugs. The lounge also has an office area, where travelers will be able to print wirelessly. British Airways flights that depart from gates A4 or A6 will allow passengers to directly board the plane from the lounge. There is one drawback with the refurbishment. Showers that used to be in the lounge were removed. The airline claimed the facility was not used very often.

British Airways has created a 360-degree interactive tour of the refurbished lounge, which you can see here.

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