Airline lounges have been closed for nearly four months due to the coronavirus pandemic and resulting decreased airline traffic. British Airways, however, is pleased to announce that it has begun reopening some of its airport lounges, specifically the Galleries South Club, Galleries First and Arrivals lounges at London Heathrow Terminal 5 as of July 4th.

The arrivals lounge is open to all passengers that qualify to use the lounge. At this time, British Airways will only open its First Class lounge for departures.

Areas of the lounge are now sectioned off to promote social distancing, and part of the departures lounge will be partitioned for First Class passengers' use only, alongside those holding the Concorde Room card. The airline believes this is the best option to accommodate all eligible passengers while lounges are still in the process of reopening.

Guests will notice a few additional changes during their visit. Food buffet islands are no longer available. Instead, guests can order food and beverages and have them brought to their table. This will be done via British Airways' ‘Your Menu' service in the lounge. The Elemis Spa remains closed at this time.

Guests will also be given a red/blue card upon entrance to the lounge. When a guest gets up from their seat or table and is going to return, they are required to place the red side up on the seat. This notifies staff and other passengers that they will be returning to this seat.

On the other hand, guests who are leaving the lounge will place the card blue side up. This notifies staff that the seating area is ready to be disinfected and prevents other passengers from occupying the space until the area has been properly sanitized.

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