British Airways is trialing new services that will provide a better experience for First Class passengers. Called "First Off First," the new program is geared at helping First Class passengers that land at remote stands at Heathrow Airport get to the gates and baggage claim areas faster than the rest of the passengers on the plane.

Heathrow Airport is one of the British Airways' busiest airports but more often than not, when a British Airways plane lands at this airport, it lands at one of the more obscure areas and requires bus transport to the terminal. The airline has discovered that even though First Class passengers disembark the plane first, they still have to wait to get to the terminal by bus with the rest of the passengers.

The new program which is currently on trial is designed to have these passengers moving to the terminal within 90 seconds of leaving their seats. First Class passengers will leave the plane and take a dedicated bus to the terminal while other passengers (including Business Class passengers) are still getting their carry-on baggage down.

In addition to this new program, British Airways has begun placing First Class baggage in specially marked containers near the front of the cargo hold so that they can be the first bags removed from the plane. This service is currently only taking place on certain flights. However, it is anticipated that this service will eventually spread to the entire fleet.

The airline hopes that by adding this service, it will encourage more people to fly First Class. Other airlines have also made initiatives to enhance their First Class services as a way to encourage passengers to travel in this class.

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