Café X just opened a Robotic Coffee Bar earlier this month at San Jose International Airport (SJC) in San Jose, California, and is offering travelers the chance to enjoy a taste of the future.

With the latest version of the Robotic Coffee Bar, customers will get their coffee faster than ever. The Robotic Coffee Bar can make and serve more than 10 orders simultaneously all in just a few minutes, without making mistakes.

Customers can enjoy locally-sourced ingredients, premium ingredients and California-roasted coffee beans while they are at it. Café X doesn't only offer coffee. It also provides hungry travelers with tasty pastries from Third Culture Bakery, which offers delicious treats such as Original Mochi Muffin® and Butter Mochi Donuts.

The new robotic coffee bar is located in Terminal B. Café X is currently open every day of the week from 5:30AM till 10:30PM. Once it receives certification to operate as a vending machine, it will operate 24 hours daily. During peak hours, the location will be staffed by Café X's trained team of Coffee Specialists and Robotic Cafe Operators, who can furnish guests with product education as well as real-life customer service.

According to Henry Hu, Café X's Founder and CEO, he came up with the idea of having a robot make coffee having personally waited more than 30 minutes for a coffee at an airport a couple of years back. He hopes that Café X's Robotic Coffee Bar will not only entertain guests but also save them from standing in line for a long time for a cup of coffee.

Café X is expanding. While it currently only has four locations in the Bay Area, the company plans to open another location at San Francisco International Airport, though that has been delayed due to construction. Next year, Café X will expand outside of the Bay Area and into New York City.

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