California residents can enjoy a special perk from Alaska Airlines. Alaska Airlines is offering a 5,000 mile bonus offer for any California resident that joins their Mileage Plan between now and December 31st and makes a flight between now and June 30, 2018. This is the second airline in recent weeks to target California residents specifically.

Alaska Airlines also owns Virgin America, which will soon be combined into a single company. At this time, these miles can be earned on either an Alaska Airlines flight or any Virgin America flight.

Mileage Plan by Alaska Airlines is also the only frequent flyer program that still actually allows you to earn miles based on the miles that you fly and not the amount you paid for your ticket. All other airlines base your point or mile value on the cost of your tickets or the class that you fly.

Alaska Airlines already offers really great rates for their flights. An example would be a round-trip flight from California to Las Vegas can be purchased for as little as $79. You can also find one-way flights for as little as $40 to several cities in California and Las Vegas. The 5,000 miles earned for this special offer is enough to cover, for instance, a trip from San Francisco to Los Angeles.

It is really easy to earn miles with this airline loyalty program, and it's even easier to redeem your miles for flights. Alaska Airlines is known for being very fair with mile redemption and their rewards program is hands down one of the best in the industry.

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