We have a big alert for devoted Alaska Airlines customers this week. It looks like you can finally redeem your Alaska miles with Singapore Airlines. You may remember that Alaska Airlines and Singapore Airlines announced a partnership back in 2017 that was supposedly going to boost opportunities for earning and redeeming miles. However, things seemed to fizzle after that announcement. The good news is that we are finally seeing some movement. Singapore Airlines awards are finally popping up on the Alaska Airlines website. In addition, official charts for redeeming miles have finally been posted.

How many miles is it going to take for members of the Alaska Mileage Plan to get to popular destinations? Alaska is charging 47,500 miles for Economy tickets for flights between the United States and Southeast Asia. Travelers will need to come up with 100,000 miles if they'd prefer to travel in Business Class. It will take travelers 130,000 miles for journeys using First Class. Those totals are for one-way tickets only.

Alaska Airlines customers also have tons of journeys within Asia to choose from when using miles to book flights. Some routes within Asia require just over 17,000 miles.

We also know that the Alaska Mileage Plan is permitting stopovers on one-way award journeys. Alaska is also allowing travelers to redeem their Alaska miles for long-haul Business awards with Singapore Airlines. However, there are plenty of limitations to keep in mind before you make plans to cash in your miles for tickets. Alaska Airlines is not allowing travelers to redeem miles for flights between the United States and Europe. Singapore Airlines doesn't offer a ton of routes between the United States and Europe. However, the airline's flights to Frankfurt and Manchester are pretty popular.

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