Airlines don't hesitate when it comes to reducing legroom as much as they possibly can. Anyone who has flown within the last decade knows about the saga of the shrinking airline seat. The problem is so bad that lawmakers have stepped up to try to regulate legroom. It may take a while before any action is actually taken to stop airlines from squeezing passengers as much as possible. However, you can advocate for yourself today by flying with carriers that offer more legroom.

Are you wondering which carrier in the United States offers the most legroom? The surprising answer is that JetBlue actually offers the most legroom of any carrier in the country. JetBlue even beats mainstream carriers like American, Delta and United based on average seat pitch.

Just how much legroom does JetBlue offer? The carrier claims that it offers a seat pitch of between 32 and 33 inches on its standard aircraft. Alaska Airlines takes second place by offering 32 inches. It turns out that JetBlue isn't the only budget airline that's generous with legroom. Southwest actually offers an average seat pitch of 32 inches.

Hawaiian Airlines comes in just behind Southwest with a seat pitch that ranges between 31 and 32 inches. The nation's three legacy carriers are actually tied near the bottom of the list. American, Delta and United all offer an average seat pitch of just 31 inches.

Several airlines offer less legroom that American, Delta and United. Allegiant only offers 30 inches. Frontier goes even smaller by offering just 28 inches. However, both of those options start to look good once you take a look at what Spirit has to offer. Are you ready for this? Spirit offers a seat pitch of 28 inches without any recline.

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