American citizens still cannot travel to Canada for leisure. What's more, Canadian officials do not want to see that change any time soon. Canada's Public Safety Minister announced at the end of last week that the ban on American travelers that has been in place since March 21 will be extended to Sept. 21. The speculation is that the ban on non-essential travel will actually extend beyond that date.

The United States is also renewing its ban on travelers from Canada as part of the update. However, the ban does not impact travelers who wish to enter the United States via air, rail or sea travel. Only travelers attempting to enter the country by car, commuter rail and ferry are banned.

Canadian officials are citing the steady number of COVID-19 cases in the United States as the reason for the extended ban. All visitors attempting to cross the border from either side for non-essential activities like sightseeing, recreation, gambling or entertainment will be turned away.

However, exceptions are being made for various economic and essential reasons. Officials from the United States and Canada have been working together to ensure that supply chains are not disrupted by the travel ban. Trucks carrying food, fuel and medicines have been permitted to cross the border as needed throughout the duration of the ban. In addition, Americans and Canadians crossing the border for work are generally being permitted to travel. American citizens wishing to return home from Canada will be permitted to cross the border when the ban is still in place.

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