Capital One has announced that it will open its very first airport lounge at the Washington Dulles Airport (IAD). This is only fitting since the Capital One headquarters is located only a few miles from this airport. The company announced that the lounge would open in 2021.

The new lounge will be 9,100 square feet in size and will be located right past the TSA security area at Dulles. While this will be convenient for passengers departing from this airport, those who are catching a connecting flight here may find it a little more challenging to reach the lounge.

The new lounge will feature a relaxation area, dining area, playroom for children, a conference area, a spa area and quiet rooms. There will also be a workout area and a private shower area for those desiring these services.

The lounge will feature a premium dining experience as well as higher-end liquors and wines. Although the lounge will carry the Capital One brand, it will be managed by America Operations Services Inc. which manages other airport lounges in the United States. Its parent, Turkey-based TAV Airports Holding, manages plenty of airport lounges worldwide.

Capital One has not released information regarding entrance fees or if any rewards from its loyalty program may be applied to 'pay' for lounge access. At this time, Capital One has several types of cards on the markets, and it is not expected that each one will offer free access to the lounge. It is anticipated that more information will be made available soon since the new lounge is poised to open in 2021.

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