Miami-based Carnival Cruise Line just made it easier to pay for your next cruise. Carnival just partnered with Uplift to allow guests to pay for their cruise over time, all without having to put any money down when booking.

With Uplift Pay Monthly, cruisers will be able to make monthly payments for up to 24 months, and when booking the cruise, customers will see the total cost along with the
predetermined payment schedule.

To book a cruise and pay for it over time, you can go to Carnival's official website or call the cruise line. Or, you can use the Uplift Monthly Payment option when booking through a travel agent. Currently, only residents of the United States can use the new payment option to finance their cruise vacation. However, this option will be extended to Canadians in the future.

With the Uplift Pay Monthly option, cruisers will receive an instant decision as the payment option is integrated into Carnival's booking and payment processing systems. Uplift works with other travel-related businesses and has plenty of experience in the industry. Just last week, it announced that it would work with United Airlines to offer flexible payment options to United customers.

For those who want to go on a cruise and be able to pay for the trip over time, Uplift Pay Monthly is a perfect option. Guests will be able to lock in the best fares for the ship and dates they want, and they will know their monthly payment amounts as well as the overall costs. Another advantage is that there are no prepayment penalties.

With Uplift Pay Monthly, cruisers can travel to a variety of destinations all over the world where Carnival goes. Travelers can enjoy short getaways to Mexico or the Bahamas or check out Hawaii, Alaska and Europe.

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