Carnival is returning to the Bahamas for the first time since Hurricane Dorian. What's more, Carnival Cruise Line is going big when it comes to its return to Grand Bahama. It has been confirmed that 39 Carnival cruises carrying more than 100,000 passengers are scheduled to arrive in Freeport between now and the end of December. Carnival's return is a big sign that the area is ready for a comeback.

Carnival has taken its time when it comes to returning to the battered shores of the Bahamas. The cruise operator has been eager to help pump money into the area's bruised economy. However, leaders at Carnival have made it clear that bringing passengers to hard-hit areas that aren't ready or safe would not actually benefit the economy of the Bahamas in the long run. Carnival has been working closely with tour operators in the Bahamas to offer excursions that are safe for tourists. A total of 15 excursions will be available for Carnival voyagers this year.

Carnival's re-entry into the Bahamas marks a big milestone for the region. The cruise operator has a big year planned for the Bahamas. Carnival ships will bring 400,000 passengers to Grand Bahama in the year to come. Carnival sails to the Bahamas using 10 ships out of nine ports in the United States.

Carnival is the first major cruise line to return to the Bahamas following Dorian. A smaller cruise line called Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line became the first operator to resume its regular service to Grand Bahama last month. Royal Caribbean Cruises has announced plans to resume voyages to Grand Bahama next year. Carnival's first return voyage to Grand Bahama departed from Baltimore on Oct. 11.

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