Carnival just celebrated its longest cruise journey yet! Carnival Splendor set sail from Long Beach in California on Oct. 5 to embark on a 24-day journey that will bring passengers to Singapore on Oct. 30. The itinerary for Carnival Splendor includes 17 days at sea in total.

What can passengers look forward to enjoying during a 24-day journey with Carnival? Carnival Splendor will bring passengers to ports in Maui, Honolulu, Guam, Malaysia and Vietnam. A highlight of the journey will be passage over the International Date Line. In fact, a special celebration is planned for the crossing. Carnival passengers will be able to visit ancient temples and take part in exciting ceremonies throughout this record-breaking journey. This is a journey that will truly blend the best of ancient wonders and modern comforts for Carnival passengers.

It goes without saying that the activities happening outside of the ship will be amazing during the 24-day Pacific voyage of Carnival Splendor. So many treasures of the Far East will be accessible to passengers. However, lots of really amazing things will also be happening on the ship during this long trip. Carnival has prepared an itinerary full of local cuisine and entertainment for guests. Carnival will also offer fun activities that are focused on cooking, crafting and photography. A throwback day at sea will invite passengers to travel back to the 1980s during the voyage.

Carnival's 24-day cruise between Long Beach and Singapore is the longest journey in the cruise line's history. There's a good chance that we could see more ultra-long voyages from Carnival in the future if October's 24-day journey proves to be a hit.

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