In light of the coronavirus outbreak, Cathay Pacific is closing three of its premium lounges at Hong Kong International Airport. The lounges closed on February 17th and will remain closed until such a time that air travel has resumed back to normal. Since the outbreak of the Wuhan virus, Cathay Pacific has experienced over a 30 percent decrease in capacity across its Cathay Pacific and Cathay Dragon network.

The Bridge, The Deck, and The Pier First Class Lounge have closed, and eligible passengers are encouraged to use the The Wing First Class Lounge, The Wing Business Class Lounge, and The Pier Business Class Lounge at the airport.

In an effort to reduce the potential spread of the virus, all lounges will offer pre-packaged foods except for foods prepared at the noodle bar. The hot buffets will be removed until a later time.

The rapid spread of the virus, especially on mainland China, has caused a restriction on travel, and many airlines have stopped fights into the area altogether. Cathay Pacific has reduced staff and asked employees to take unpaid leave until the airline can start flying with the frequency and capacity it had before the virus started.

Cathay Pacific has stated that it will cut 783 daily flights in February and 853 daily flights in March. This is almost 60 percent of its daily flights. The airline is hoping for the virus to subside as soon as possible. If and when that happens, flights will begin to return to normal.

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