How sweet would life be if your airline miles never expired? Cathay Pacific customers no longer have to wonder! You may be familiar with the fact that the miles that are acquired through Cathay Pacific's Asia Miles loyalty program expire 36 months after they're credited to an account. That's finally changing on Jan. 1 of 2020. Miles from Asia Miles will no longer automatically expire. However, there is one small catch that you'll need to keep in mind. Cathay Pacific will require members of its loyalty program to have some qualifying activity every 18 months to keep all earned miles current.

Cathay Pacific will be counting nearly any mileage activity as qualifying activity for keeping miles current. This means that redeeming miles for flights and rewards, crediting a flight to earned miles, earning points via a hotel partner and transferring points from a credit card will all keep you current. However, it doesn't look like Cathay Pacific will accept something like having miles refunded from a canceled award flight as a qualifying activity.

Cathay Pacific isn't going to be applying its new evergreen policy for miles retroactively. That means that it's a clean slate once Jan. 1 rolls around. All miles in your account that were credited on or before Dec. 31 of this year can still expire. Your account will divide your miles to show you which ones are still subject to the airline's old policy.

Members of the Cathay Pacific Marco Polo Club are automatically enrolled as Asia Miles members. You can use your Marco Polo Club number when accessing any miles earned through the Asia Miles program. The Asia Miles program provides members with miles that can be used to redeem awards for travel and lifestyle.

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