Sometimes hype is just hype. Cruise lovers were no doubt afraid that could be the case when it came to the new Celebrity Edge cruise ship. However, those who have gotten a sneak peek of the ship and all of its luxurious amenities are confirming that Celebrity Edge lives up to the hype.

Travel agents were recently invited on a preview cruise on the Celebrity Edge. This newly finished ship comes with a price tag of $875 million. Celebrity Cruises has been hyping the ship up for more than a year.

What did the travel agents who got to preview the ship like best? Celebrity Edge dazzles when it comes to views. This is no accident. The ship was designed with an emphasis on outward views toward the sea. In fact, several decks on the ship actually feature floor-to-ceiling windows. There is even a world-class feature called the Magic Carpet. This cutting-edge detail is a moving platform that weighs 93 tons and hangs over the side of the ship. Those who have set foot on the ship say that its design gives passengers the impression that they are enjoying an expansive spa at sea. The soothing vibe of the ship is reinforced by its gray interior and carefully placed jewel-tone accents.

The rooms on the Edge ship are anything but ordinary, too. The two-story Edge Villas feature private plunge pools. Guests who opt for Edge Staterooms get to enjoy their own infinity verandas. All guests are sure to be impressed by the terraced pool deck that offers amazing views of the ocean. Celebrity Edge begins sailing on its maiden voyage from Florida to the Bahamas this week.

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