The TSA PreCheck program could be expanded if new legislation is passed. The Senate recently introduced a bill that would automatically expand enrollment in the program to include any traveler who has already passed an extensive background check. The bill was introduced as the Secure Traveler Act. The purpose of the bill is to essentially make it much easier for people like federal employees and members of law enforcement to enroll in the PreCheck program. The thought behind the proposal is that allowing people who have already been vetted to automatically have PreCheck access will free up resources and reduce security lines at airports.

The Secure Traveler Act will definitely make it easier for vetted individuals to enroll in the PreCheck program. However, there's one thing the new bill won't do. Enrollment won't be any cheaper for people who obtain quick approval. All applicable fees will still be in play when eligible travelers enroll. The current cost for a five-year membership in the TSA PreCheck program is $85 per person.

Lawmakers are hoping that eliminating what essentially amount to duplicate background checks for some individuals will simultaneously encourage more PreCheck enrollments and reduce the strain on the TSA workforce.

Of course, all travelers can ultimately benefit from the passage of the bill because it will help to reduce wait times at airports and make security lines shorter for all. The bill could also make traveling much safer for everyone. That's because the TSA will be able to put more resources toward vetting travelers who have not already been vetted instead of spending time conducting background checks on people who already hold security clearances.

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