In a bid to help more customers make their connecting flights, United Airlines has just rolled out ConnectionSaver, its new tool powered by cutting edge technology that helps enhance the experience for passengers connecting from one United flight to another. Launched in time for the busy summer travel season, United hopes to help make its customers travel experience as stress-free as possible.

How does ConnectionSaver work? ConnectionSaver makes use of technology to automatically identify departing flights that can be held for customers making tight connections, while making sure that other passengers who had already boarded the plane arrive at their destination punctually. The aim is to help connecting customers make their flights while minimizing any inconvenience to other travelers as well as impact on other flights.

To make things easier for United's connecting passengers, ConnectionSaver has also been programmed to send personalized text messages to every connecting customer who has opted in to receive notifications with easy-to-follow navigational directions to the gate for their connecting flight. Information about how long the walk will take will also be provided to the connecting customer who has chosen to receive these personalized text messages.

The carrier's ConnectionSaver tool has been trialed on all flights at Denver International Airport and Chicago O'Hare International Airport for the past couple of months. These are two of United's busiest hubs with thousands of connecting passengers daily. According to United, close to 14,500 passengers were able to successfully make their connecting flights because of ConnectionSaver. On average, flights that were held for these connecting passengers were delayed for just six minutes.

United is confident its newly launched ConnectionSaver tool will greatly benefit its customers as well as staff. The Chicago-based airline is planning to expand the ConnectionSaver technology to its hubs by this fall, and to all other airports United operates at in the future. No specific timeline has been given at this time.

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