Stolen reward miles from Alaska Airlines are for sale on the dark web. Hackers have been able to access accounts and siphon valuable miles from unsuspecting victims. However, it is unclear just how many accounts have been hacked. The reason why it's hard to determine how many accounts have been hacked is that sellers on the black market often bundle miles that have been stolen from multiple accounts. How much are stolen Alaska Airlines miles going for on the dark web? Buyers can find 50,000 Alaska points for sale for around $95.

What is prompting criminals to target reward miles instead of pure money? The answer is that reward accounts belonging to airline customers are simply easier to hack than traditional financial accounts. It's also easier to get away with stealing and selling reward miles than it is to steal cash. Hackers typically rely on transactions that are conducted through cryptocurrency platforms when selling stolen airline miles. Customers who purchase the stolen miles also purchase the usernames and passwords of the victims. In addition, hackers often use the technique of transferring miles to new accounts in order to pass on clean accounts to customers. Stolen reward miles aren't necessarily used to purchase airline tickets. Many people buy stolen miles to pay for gas or other things that can be purchased using points.

You might be wondering if there's anything airline customers can do to avoid having their reward miles stolen. Hackers usually use phishing email scams when stealing account information from airline passengers. That's why people should never click on links in emails that look suspicious. These links often contain malware that grants hackers access to a victim's personal device and account information.

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