How would you like to ring in 2019 twice? One luxury airline is making it possible to celebrate the new year twice in a row. Crystal AirCruises is offering travelers a special New Year's Eve package that allows them to experience midnight twice. The package is called the Double Countdown Celebration.

Travelers who choose the Double Countdown Celebration get to see the clock strike midnight in two cities located on opposite ends of the globe. The journey allows passengers to celebrate in Tokyo before flying to Las Vegas to celebrate again. Crossing the International Date Line allows those travelers to cheat the clock by turning back time by a full 24 hours.

Guests will begin the celebration at the Hilton Tokyo Odaiba. They will be treated to a high-end dinner party and get to watch fireworks over Tokyo Disneyland. It will then be time to fly with Crystal AirCruises to Las Vegas to celebrate at the prestigious Omnia Nightclub New Year's Eve Party that takes place at Caesars Palace. The event will feature DJ Calvin Harris. Of course, spending a New Year's Eve jetting across the globe and rubbing elbows with celebrities doesn't come cheap. The luxury Double Countdown Celebration package offered by Crystal AirCruises costs $26,000 per person.

Even the experience of flying between cities on the last day of the year is its own adventure when you're with Crystal AirCruises. The airline's Boeing 777 offers lie-flat beds, a bar and many more special touches. There's even a chef on the flight.

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