The Curio Collection by Hilton is a boutique brand by the hotel giant that has been gaining popularity amongst discerning travelers. Hilton has selected special properties around the world to carry this unique brand. Each of the hotels offers guests a unique way to experience the city they are visiting.

Hilton operates over 65 Curio Collection by Hilton hotels around the world. This summer, the company has plans to launch 10 more hotels under this brand in prime locations. Each of these hotels is in unique buildings and offer visitors a true cultural experience.

100 Queen's Gate Hotel London. This hotel is a former Victorian mansion that has been converted into a hotel. The charm of the mansion and its Victorian-era design and furnishings remain. It is located near many famous tourist destinations including Kensington Palace. This property opened in March.

The Gabriel Miami. Located in a historical part of Downtown Miami and overlooking Biscayne Bay, this gorgeous small hotel features everything you could ever want in a tropical paradise. This property opened in April.

Higuerón Hotel Málaga. This beautiful 177-room Mediterranean hotel prides itself on offering guests an exquisite Mediterranean experience. The hotel also sports a hydroponic garden and serves foods and drinks that are environmentally sustainable. This property is poised to open in June.

C. Baldwin. The hotel is located within the beautifully transformed structure inspired by Charlotte Baldwin Allen, a philanthropist. The yper-localized property is beautiful in every way, and in Fall, a new Italian restaurant by celebrity chef Chris Cosentino will open up at the location. This property will be a hospitality gateway to the Houston region.

SAii Lagoon Maldives. This is a one-of-a-kind experience that allows you to stay on a private island and enjoy the tropical paradise free from all of the hustle and bustle of tourism. Those looking for the ultimate luxury experience can choose to stay in private suites. This tropical sanctuary will open in July.

Umbral. An upscale property in historic downtown Mexico City, this hotel is perfectly located for guests to enjoy everything that this magnificent city has to offer. Its fantastic location places the hotel close to landmark attractions and plenty of restaurants and bars. Poised to open in June, this property even boasts an art gallery, book and vinyl record library and a hanging garden!

Hagia Sofia Mansions. These mansions have been carefully designed to give each guest a heightened experience. The property is located just minutes from famous sites like the Hagia Sophia Museum, the Blue Mosque and many ancient wonders. This property is nestled right in the heart of Sulthanahmet, Istanbul's most historic area.

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