Thanksgiving 2019 is officially in the books. However, travel headaches will continue into this week. It's been a doozy of a holiday weekend for travelers hoping to return home from Thanksgiving celebrations all around the country. Strong winter storms have blasted several regions during what is one of the year's busiest periods for travel. In fact, it is estimated that 31.6 million people are traveling during the 12-day window surrounding Thanksgiving this year. Thanksgiving travelers are currently encountering delays and headaches both on the road and in the air. The good news is that major carriers are being responsive when it comes to helping travelers adjust their plans.

Delta Air Lines has made the decision to waive rescheduling fees for flights at more than 35 airports impacted by storms. Delta is actually expanding its waivers after offering special waivers for just Denver and Minneapolis during the middle of last week. Travelers who are going from or through any of the cities on the expanded list will be permitted to make one-time changes without being subjected to any change fees. Delta's usual charge for changing non-refundable tickets ranges between $200 and $500. You can keep up with weather watches and waiver updates using Delta's alerts portal.

American Airlines has decided to offer waivers for 29 airports this week. Hubs like New York, Newark, Buffalo, Boston, Philadelphia and Providence all made the list. In addition, a handful of airports in the Midwest are on the waiver list. Travelers can keep up with the latest alerts and waiver information from American Airlines using the carrier's alerts portal.

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