Delta is extending travel waivers to ensure that its customers can still change plans without penalty as uncertainty lingers. You may know that Delta began waiving change fees for its customers when the pandemic first threw air travel for a loop back in March. The airline generously instated a rule allowing customers who booked all flights up through Dec. 31 of 2020 prior to April 17 of 2020 to change their bookings without any fees for two years. The deadline for those customers to make their decisions is Sept. 30 of 2022. After reassessing the COVID-19 situation, it looks like Delta has decided to extend waivers. Take a look at what Delta travelers need to know.

Delta announced on July 30 that the waiver for change fees is being extended to new flights purchased through Aug. 31 of 2020. That means that you'll have two years to change your booking without any new fees piling on after you purchase your ticket. Just keep in mind that fare differences are still going to apply to your bottom line if you book a pricier replacement seat. There's also a chance you could get a credit if your new ticket is less expensive than your previous one.

Delta has also made the decision to implement automatic seat blocks through at least Sept. 30. This policy automatically blocks adjacent seats once a customer selects a seat reservation. Guests traveling in parties of three or more are permitted to book seats together. In addition, the block on middle seats is waived when three travel companions choose to sit together.

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