Delta doesn't have any intention of slowing down its biometric program. You can now add one more airport to the list of hubs where facial scans are used to speed up the boarding process. Delta began using facial-recognition cameras at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) on Friday. Travelers using Terminal 2 at LAX can now pass through security using facial scans instead of going through the traditional boarding process. The technology is only in place at a single gate for now. However, Delta intends to expand the use of facial-recognition cameras at LAX in the future.

Delta already uses biometric technology at a number of airports around the country. Delta customers flying out of Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport (ATL) can use biometric services throughout the entire check-in process. Delta actually utilizes biometric technology at kiosks, bag drops, TSA checkpoints and boarding areas at ATL. Delta also uses biometric technology at Detroit (DTW), Minneapolis (MSP) and Salt Lake City (SLC).

Atlanta-based Delta is receiving criticism from some high-profile groups. Greenpeace, the Electronic Privacy Information Center and MoveOn are just some of the organizations asking for a ban on the use of facial-recognition technology. Critics are warning that the images collected by airport cameras can potentially be stored for undisclosed periods of time. The worry is that privacy rights of civilians could potentially be violated.

Delta insists that passenger information is never stored. Each Delta passenger's identity is verified by checking a photo taken against the traveler's image and name stored in a database provided by U.S. Customs Border and Protection.

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