Delta is ready to bring back more international routes. The airline announced on Friday of last week that it intends to bring back flights on 50 international routes halted by COVID-19 beginning this winter. The paused routes will be slowly reestablished through 2021.

Delta has revealed that its daily flights from Seattle to Tokyo, Seoul, Beijing and Shanghai would be restored as part of its bounce-back initiative. Restoring flights to Shanghai in June made Delta the first airline in the United States to resume operations between the United States and China since mass flight suspensions began back in February.

Of course, it will be a long time before everything is back to business as usual for airline passengers. Delta has already announced that it will be continuing to block middle seats through at least Jan. 6 of next year in an effort to keep passengers spaced during flights. That means that seating on flights will remain limited through 2020's holiday season even if we do see a peak in demand. Delta currently caps seating at 50 percent in single-aisle First Class and Delta One cabins, 60 percent in Main Cabin, Delta Comfort+ and Delta Premium Select and 75 percent in Delta One cabins with two aisles.

Customers taking to the skies with Delta for the first time since COVID-19 during the holidays will enjoy extra peace of mind thanks to air circulation systems with industrial-grade HEPA filters on many Delta aircraft. Delta is also requiring that all passengers wear masks.

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