There's a new update to Delta's mask policy that travelers planning to fly with the airline should know about. The update has to do with waivers for people who cannot wear masks due to medical issues.

Delta has announced that passengers attempting to fly without masks will need to obtain permission from Delta doctors before being permitted to board their flights. The airline intends to use virtual meetings with medical professionals to make it happen. The new policy goes into effect on July 20.

What can you expect if you need to go through Delta's private screening process? Delta has branded the screening process for those attempting to board planes without masks its 'Clearance-to-Fly' program. The screening involves a private phone consultation with a medical professional. Delta is asking customers who require mask exemptions to please arrive at their airports at least an hour earlier than normal.

Those who pass the screening process will be permitted to move forward with boarding their planes. Those who do not pass will be told to rebook their flights for future dates. Refunds will also be offered for all travelers with both refundable and nonrefundable tickets.

Delta appears to be going all in with its commitment to requiring masks. In fact, the airline has gone as far as saying that customers who are unable to wear masks should strongly reconsider their travel plans. Passengers who misrepresent disabilities or health conditions while attempting to obtain mask waivers could be banned from ever traveling with the airline again.

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