While airplane interiors are traditionally not the cleanest to be in physical contact with, airlines around the world have been drastically stepping up their cleaning and disinfecting measures with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in a bid to keep their crew and customers safe as well as offer greater peace of mind.

Good hygiene practices are lauded and expected of everyone, everywhere we turn these days. Amid the ongoing battle against COVID-19 and its relentless threat on the world's population, Delta Air Lines is proud to share that the Atlanta-based carrier is taking things up a notch - the carrier is committing itself to its set of elevated cleaning measures for the long term.

According to Delta's Chief Customer Experience Officer Bill Lentsch, Delta's customers absolutely deserve the highest levels of cleanliness and rights to feel confident and safe whenever they travel, not just in times of crisis like the monstrous COVID-19 the world is battling right now.

Affectionately termed Delta Clean, Delta wants to reassure its customers and employees - new and existing - that the airline is 100% committed to delivering the highest levels of cleanliness to all the aircraft it operates, domestically and internationally, as well as other Delta touch points such as airport lounges and break rooms.

With effect from tomorrow, April 1, all domestic planes will undergo the same interior fogging overnight that the carrier has been using to disinfect its international fleet in the United States since February. All aircraft will be cleaned extensively before every flight, similar to the processes applied during overnight cleanings. High-touch areas like arm rests, seat-back entertainment screens, tray tables and seat-back pockets will be disinfected. Spot checks will be done before each flight, too, to ensure the plane is up to the Delta Clean standard.

That's not all Delta is doing to give its customers and crew greater peace of mind. Delta anticipates that by early May, the carrier will be able to have each aircraft fogged before each flight in Delta's network. Just to be clear, Delta has stated the disinfectant used in fogging is apt and efficient as it's immediately safe to breathe. The disinfectant is similar to those utilized by hospitals and restaurants to sanitize.

Denise Bay is a staff writer at GET.com. Email: denise.bay@get.com.