Delta flew its first Airbus A220 flight with paying customers last Thursday morning. Delta flight 744 departed LaGuardia at 6am and arrived at Boston Logan at 7:02am, 18 minutes ahead of schedule.

The airline is the first in North America, and the fifth in the world, to use the Airbus A220 aircraft. Delta's A220 offers seating for 109 flyers, which includes room for 12 in First Class, 15 in Delta Comfort+® along with 82 in Main Cabin.

Delta ordered two versions of the A220. The one that just debuted seats 109 passengers, while the other version will offer seating for 130. In all, Delta ordered 90 A220s and expects them all to be delivered before the end of 2023.

The A220 offers a huge advantage compared to other jets. In Main Cabin, it features two-by-three seating, which means that fewer flyers get stuck in the middle seat. Due to the configuration of the A220, all seats on the plane are wider than industry average and even have extra-large windows. The airplane also has a window in the lavatory.

Delta is planning to deploy the A220 at several hubs and is planning to fly to cities with high business demand. While the LaGuardia-Boston was launched first, later in the same day, the airline flew the A220 from LaGuardia to Dallas/Fort Worth. Soon, the airline will offer the A220 on several routes.

The airline is hoping that travelers who want more room on a more modern plane will love the A220. Delta's competitors use older and more cramped planes on these same routes.

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