Delta Air Lines is pleased to announce the Atlanta-based carrier has eliminated the $150 specialty sports bag fee previously charged for customers who travel with their large-sized sports equipment the likes of bicycles, scuba gear, surfboards, golf clubs and more.

This is certainly fantastic news for those who frequently travel with their sports equipment and are sick of paying hefty fees just to take them along on their travels.

Effective for travel worldwide on airfare purchased from July 17, 2019 onwards, Delta customers traveling with their sports equipment can now check them in as part of their standard baggage allowance.

Simply put, instead of the $150 fee, those traveling with their sports equipment will instead pay a first, second or third checked bag fee according to the fare rules associated with their booking, travel region, and/or SkyMiles Medallion status. Keep in mind oversized and overweight baggage fees may still apply depending on the size and weight of your checked sports equipment.

You can learn more about Delta's baggage and travel fees here, as well as the terms and conditions for bringing your sports equipment on your trip here (scroll down and click on ‘sports equipment' to load the relevant information).

Delta is not alone when it comes to cutting fees related to checked sports equipment. In late May of this year, American Airlines announced changes to its policies regarding oversized bag fees for common music and sports equipment. While standard checked bag fees will apply in most cases, American Airlines made it clear that the $150 fee will still be applied to checked oversized items such as antlers, hang gliders, scuba tanks with tanks and kite/windsurfing items, due to special handling requirements.

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