Delta Air Lines just debuted the first of its newly updated Boeing 777-200 aircraft on July 2. The planes now come equipped with new premium products from Delta that are sure to impress passengers. Delta is in the process of installing new products in all of the planes that are part of its existing fleet of wide-body aircraft. The retrofit project for all of Delta's 777 aircraft is set to be finished by some point in 2019. Delta has started using its updated 777 aircraft on flights between Detroit and Beijing on a temporary basis. The planes will be used on alternating days throughout the month of July.

What can travelers expect when flying with Delta once the airline is done making the latest round of upgrades to its fleet? Delta's 777-200 aircraft are being configured to offer 28 Delta One suites with lie-flat seats and sliding privacy doors. The rest of the 268 seats inside the planes will be divided between Delta Premium Select and Main Cabin. The new Delta Premium Select seats offer passengers 38 inches of pitch and seat-back screens.

Even Delta's new Main Cabin will impress guests once they begin flying on the updated aircraft. The new and improved Main Cabin has been designed with wider seats. What's more, the cabin has been configured in a way that creates more window seats and aisle seats. Passengers flying in all classes will enjoy access to Wi-Fi. In addition, passengers can take advantage of free mobile messaging using Facebook Messenger, iMessage and WhatsApp during flights.

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