With many travel bans being lifted progressively, Delta wants to encourage people to start flying again by extending the airline's change fee waiver for new flights purchased through the end of June. This gives Delta customers the option to change their travel plans without incurring a change fee for an entire year from the date of purchase.

Additionally, Delta is letting its customers rebook travel through Sept. 30, 2022 if their plans have been impacted by schedule changes or if they want additional reassurance about upcoming travel. Eligible customers include:

  • Anyone who has had their flights canceled between March 2020 and September 2020
  • Anyone who has booked a flight with the carrier prior to April 17th for flights through September 30, 2020

To further encourage people to start flying again, Delta has stated that it will not put any price increases into effect for all flights in the United States and Canada until the end of June. The airline has not stated if prices will increase after that point but it wishes to ensure all customers of guaranteed pricing through this date.

Delta further stated that it would continue to have extra precautions in place to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. The airline has stated it will continue to implement the following practices to give its flyers greater peace of mind:

  • Planes will be sanitized by electrostatic sprayers before each flight
  • Special HEPA filters are being used for better air purification
  • Planes will be loaded from back to front to reduce contact between passengers and staff
  • All middle seats will remain empty to help encourage social distancing
  • All passengers will be required to wear masks throughout the entire flight

Delta was the first to offer this change fee waiver policy, but United was quick to follow. It is anticipated that all of the major airlines will put similar policies in place to encourage more people to take advantage of flying during the summer travel season.

Adam Luehrs is a contributing writer at GET.com based in California. He likes traveling to new and exciting destinations, preferably on his credit card company's dime. When not on the road, Adam enjoys hiking around the mountains of San Diego, trying out new food and reading history books. Email: adam.luehrs@get.com.