Is Delta doing away with the dreaded middle-seat upgrade for Medallion-level SkyMiles members? It looks like it has finally happened! Let's take a look at what we know. The policy up until now had allowed Medallion members to request upgrades whenever they wanted. However, Delta was in charge of deciding exactly where an upgraded Medallion-level member would be seated. There was always a good chance that you'd be placed in a window or aisle seat. However, the chance of being placed in a dreaded middle seat was always there. This was a fact that really detracted from the excitement of requesting an upgrade. It now appears that Delta is changing its policy.

Medallion-level members of the Delta SkyMiles loyalty program finally have the ability to choose their seat preferences when enjoying free upgrades to Delta Comfort+. The choice must be made each time an upgrade is requested. Delta will not save your seat preference to your global settings once you select an upgrade preference.

What happens if the seat you want isn't available? Passengers will be free to withdraw their upgrade requests if it looks like Delta can't accommodate a request for a specific seat. That means nobody will be stuck with a middle seat if the seat they've requested isn't available on a particular flight. Delta will also allow passengers to carry over a seat preference to all segments of a multi-segment trip.

Delta has supposedly been testing out its new seat-choosing option with select passengers for about a year. Rumors have been circulating for a while regarding the switch in policy. Delta has now officially added information regarding seat selection to its page dedicated to Medallion upgrades.

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