Delta just rolled out a new program called SkyMiles Select. The program comes with a modest annual fee of $59, and the airline says it offers a $100 value. The benefits kick in 24 hours after signing up, and once you become a member, they last for a year. To take advantage of the benefits, one must be a member of Delta SkyMiles.

Included in the $59 SkyMiles Select membership are a limited-edition bag tag, eight drink vouchers and Main Cabin 1 boarding. The limited-edition bag tag will be delivered directly to the flyer's address.

The most expensive drink Delta has is $9, so a flyer who uses all eight vouchers can get up to a $72 value out of the program – just on alcoholic drinks. The priority boarding, to some, will prove worthwhile, especially those who make multiple trips a year. SkyMiles Select members who fly Basic Economy will also be able to take advantage of early boarding as well, so this could be a big perk for those who want to ensure their carry-on get in the overhead bin first. A SkyMiles Select flyer can share the benefit of Main Cabin 1 boarding with up to eight other travelers on the same reservation.

Current SkyMiles members can easily sign up for SkyMiles Select. Those who aren't yet a member of SkyMiles can join Delta's frequent flyer program for free. The new SkyMiles Select program could be a great deal for those who don't fly too often and want to enjoy early boarding and a drink or two while on the plane. Frequent flyers who want priority boarding may be better off getting an airline-branded credit card that already offers this benefit, among other more valuable ones.

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