Delta Air Lines is planning to offer more routes that will make it easier for passengers to get to the Middle East and other places around the globe. The announcement comes following the end of a dispute between major carriers in the United States and carriers in the Middle East over what some airline leaders viewed as unfair practices that favored Gulf carriers. The dispute lasted for three years before finally being resolved last week.

Etihad Airways and Emirates both reached agreements that would require the airlines to provide greater transparency regarding their financial statements. Airlines in the United States had alleged that airlines in the Gulf region were receiving billions of dollars in subsidies that violated the Open Skies agreement. These subsidies were making it possible for Gulf-based airlines to have an unfair competitive advantage over airlines in the United States when it came to some international routes.

What are the new routes Delta customers can look forward to now that the airline has announced it will be expanding its international offerings? The airline has yet to announce what the new routes will be. It is possible that Delta will resume the route between Atlanta and Dubai that was cancelled back in 2015. It is also being anticipated that Delta may introduce some new routes to India. The Indian market had been particularly hard for carriers based in the United States to break into because of competition from Gulf carriers. United Airlines is currently the only carrier based in the United States to offer nonstop service to India.

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